What to Expect ?

Initial Appointment (1.5-2 hours):

The first half of this session will consist of obtaining a complete and detailed medical history where patients concerns are shared and discussed. Here, we will review your medical history and evaluate any previous labs, diagnosis, and health conditions. During this session we will also discuss your diagnoses, testing, and treatment options that may be helpful. Laboratory testing will be ordered and evaluated, if necessary.

The second half of your appointment will consist of a homeopathic intake. This is where we will go into further detail about any and all symptoms that you are experiencing. Expect to discuss both physical symptoms, as well as mental/emotional symptoms that are present. Here, we will also discuss stories and examples of your symptoms and how they present. Any triggers or traumatic events that may have initiated your illness will also be discussed. Discussion will also include anything that alleviates or worsens your symptoms.

At the end of the appointment, a homeopathic remedy will be prescribed. Each remedy is roughly ten dollars and may be purchased either at your local health food store or through our Fullscript website. 

Follow Up Appointments (20 mins- 1 hour)

Follow up sessions consist of reviewing the symptoms of your illness in order to see if you have responded to homeopathic treatment. From there, we will decide if you are improving or not. If no improvement has occurred, then a different homeopathic remedy will be recommended. If an improvement was noted, then we will stick to the same remedy in order to continue improving. Once patients have been established on the homeopathic remedy that is best for them, other modalities may be utilized to help accelerate the healing process. This may include herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, and nutritional supplementation. It is possible that other modalities may not be needed as homeopathic treatment was sufficient. This varies on a case-by-case basis. Follow ups are typically scheduled every 4-6 weeks. With continued established care, these appointments may be spread out over time.

What Can I Do to Prepare for My Appointment?

Prior to your first appointment, it is advised to pay attention and keep track of your symptoms in a journal. Take note on any physical symptoms that may present alongside your emotional symptoms as well.

Pay attention to all of your symptoms and take note of the following:

  • Location
    • Where exactly is the pain? Is one side worse than the other?
    • When you feel anxiety/depression, where do you feel it within your body?
  • Sensation
    • What does it feel like exactly?
      • Is it throbbing, aching, burning, boring, stabbing?
    • What caused your illness?
      • Did anything happen that triggered your illness such as a breakup, death of a loved one, disappointment, fever, shock, or illness?
    • What makes your symptoms better AND worse?
      • Consider factors such as:
        • Heat
        • Cold
        • Motion
        • Sitting
        • Laying down
        • Weather changes
        • Pressure
        • Light/Darkness
        • Noise
        • Time of day
      • Any Accompanying Symptoms
        • When you experience your chief concern, do you experience anything else along with it?
          • When you are feeling depressed, do any other symptoms occur, such as, changes in temperature or physical sensations?
          • Consider any changes in thirst, temperature, or food cravings as well